We offer clients diversified financial, investigative, and operational experience that allows us to provide a variety of fraud and forensic specialty services to our clients. 
The firm specializes in the detection, prevention, investigation, identification, analysis, and reporting of fraud, theft, errors, irregularities, and other misconduct that can place the financial viability of a company at risk. Our professional staff are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and have experience in a variety of engagements including:

Corporate & Business Fraud Investigations
Fraud Risk Assessments
Ligitation Support Services for all types of cases
Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Review & Development of Fraud Policies & Procedures
Misappropriation & Diversion of Assets
Recovery of Electronic Data Files
Sarbanes-Oxley Investigations
Asset Searches & Recoupment
Cash Skimming Analyses
Insurance Claims
Design & Implementation of Internal & Operational Controls
Design & Review of Prevention & Detection Controls
Health Care & Nursing Home Fraud

Elder/Disabled Financial Abuse
Financial Institution Fraud, including Money-Laundering & Check-Kiting
Analytical & Forensic Analyses

Our professionals assist with the identification and evaluation of complex economic and financial issues to support for litigation and related matters.  These independent economic modeling and analyses have been essential to many client cases.   The scope of our contributions has included:

Historical Financial Trends, Forecasts & Projections
Industry & Comparable Company Evaluation
Regression Analysis
Lost Profits Calculations
Out-of-Pocket Damages
Benefit of the Bargain Analysis
Historical & Future Economic Gains & Losses
Personal Damages
Business Interruption Losses
Other Damage Calculations
We regularly review, analyze, and offer rebuttal testimony concerning damage calculations prepared by others. Our damage analysis involves businesses in virtually every industry; form of business, as well as for individuals, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations. Damage analysis matters include:

Antitrust Damages
Breach of Contract
Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Breach of Warranty
Business Interruption & Casualty Insurance Claims
Class Action Damages
Construction Contract Disputes
Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes
Fraud Damages
Investment & Tax Shelter Liability & Claims
Lender Liability
Lost Profits Calculation
Merger & Acquisition Disputes
Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
Professional Malpractice
Securities Fraud
Tortuous Interference
Trust & Estate (Fiduciary) Disputes
Wrongful Termination/Discrimination Loss Calculations

We are pleased to  provide unmatched litigation support services to attorneys to assist in litigation matters of all types.. We offer assistance throughout all phases of the litigation process from discovery through final trial, providing independent, objective and authoritative expertise on every engagement we serve.

We have worked on Family Law engagements involving estates of all sizes.
Our experienced professionals  can assist in recognizing, evaluating, and responding to all types of financial issues encountered in a law engagement, from common issues to those which are complex.
Our areas of expertise include:
Lifestyle Analysis
Tracing & Characterizing Assets 
Business Valuations
Reimbursement Claims
Waste Claims (Reconstituting the Marital Estate) 
Assessment & Analysis of Property Division 
Attending Mediation & Facilitating Settlement
Net Resources Calculations
Damage/Lost Wage Calculations